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Built on trust!

The owner operators each have 20 years of experience in selling and servicing machinery to plastic product manufacturing operations.

Absolute Machinery Corporation was initially founded in 2000 as a regional supplier of new machinery and equipment. The company quickly recognized the opportunity associated with purchasing surplus equipment from lower tier manufacturing operations that fell into financial distress and the marketing this equipment to other North American operations. The company has continued to expand its relationships with financing institutions and auction houses buy providing appraisal and disposition services to obtain access to inventory.

Absolute Haitian Corporation was formed in 2006 to distribute Haitian injection molding machinery throughout the USA and Canada. Haitian, based in Ningbo China, is the largest producer of plastic injection molding machinery in the world. Haitian products offer extremely cost effective (as much as 40-50% lower price) and highly energy efficient machinery (as much as 20-80% less energy consumption).

Absolute Green Energy Corporation was formed in 2008. The company supplies energy saving and generating systems to the plastic processing market and installs solar PV and solar Hot-water systems nationwide. The company globally sources products that deliver the best value proposition to our customers.

Vision: Our goal is to provide superior customer service and support to our customers in the ever-changing markets that we service. Our team focuses on the needs of your business to help you to make your company a success.

Success Formula: Absolute companies will continue to focus on:

  • Providing value to our customers
  • Distribution of globally sourced cost effective and energy efficient products and systems
  • Partnering with our customers to help them grow their business
  • Our employees
  • Providing the best customer service and support possible