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Absolute Machinery Corporation was formed in June 2000 by Michael Ortolano and Nathan Smith. Both had been actively selling machinery for well know injection molding machine & auxiliary manufactures throughout North America as well as used machinery and teamed up to start their own corporation to sell new & used equipment to the plastics manufacturing industry. Their motivation to start this new venture was a strong desire to provide superior service to their customers and to build a business that focused on the success of its clients.

Mike and Nate realize that the majority of their customers had several needs that could not be met solely through the purchase of new equipment. These needs were driven by price, lead time for deliveries, and manufacturing processes that required specific types of equipment no longer being manufactured. In order to address these requirements, Absolute Machinery offers used equipment to meet customer demand. Utilizing their deep connections in the plastic molding industry, Absolute Machinery Corporation buys, brokers and sell high quality used plastic injection molding, extrusion, blow molding & auxiliary equipment to a customer base seeking those same machines. Never losing focus on their customers, the partners successfully match sellers with buyers resulting in both parties being highly satisfied.

As the reputation of Absolute Machinery grew, Mike and Nate realized that their company had to differentiate itself from other used equipment dealers. In order to accomplish this, they once again relied on their priority of putting the customer first, and instituted a plan to add warehousing of inventory and technical support/service and engineering to their operations. This allowed Absolute Machinery to buy used equipment for the plastic manufacturing industry at very competitive pricing and store it in their warehouse until a buyer required that specific piece of equipment.

As Absolute Machinery grew, the two partners carefully selected key individuals to join their team. Sales and customer service personnel were added to continue the Absolute Machinery philosophy of customer first. A logistics manager was brought onto the team to assist with shipping and rigging requirements as well as expedite purchases of used equipment so that Absolute Machinery could quickly meet the needs of its customers. Heavy lift equipment and a team of riggers were added to the company to further reduce costs and to allow our own personnel to respond quickly to load and ship machinery. The technical staff has continued to grow to ensure that Absolute Machinery could provide the very best service to its customers.

Today, Absolute Machinery remains customer focused and its team of dedicated employees work tirelessly to exceed their expectations. We continue to strive to provide our customers with the best value for their money, minimize lead times, and deliver quality used plastic manufacturing equipment…so how can we help you?