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Absolute Machinery stocks a wide selection of Transformers available for immediate delivery. Please browse the list below or make use of the convenient search button to narrow your results to a specific size, capacity or characteristic that you are searching for. If you still need assistance in your search for Transformers,  please click on the Ask Sales link and contact ours sales team. If you would like us to locate a specific Transformer,  please click on the Inventory Wanted link and complete a short data sheet so that we can locate exactly what you need for your plastics processing plant.

Item Description Year
8187 75 KVA GE Transformer N\A
9583 112.5 KVA Jefferson Electric General Purpose Transformer N\A
9887 15 KVA Federal Pacific Transformer N\A
9898 15 KVA GENERAL ELECTRIC QL Transformer N\A
10018 15 KVA GENERAL ELECTRIC QL Transformer N\A