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Haitian Jupiter Series In detail

Flexible ejection stroke The ejector cylinder is oriented in the reverse direction so the force will be more evenly distributed to the ejector plate ensuring the quality of plastics parts. This eject/on system a/so allows the flexible ejection stroke installation.

High rigid & stabile: Haitian’s patent for optima/ mold platen provides less distortion and longer life time.

Reliable operation Innovative tie bar support Sguide system for the movable platen ensures platen parallelism, reducing the impact caused by ground deformation.

Large capability: A wide tie-bar distance, a long opening stroke and a bigger max. mold height provides flexibility and more freedom for large-size molds

Hydraulic block: The energy-saving hydraulics are quiet and are made of high-quality European components. They allow much greater forces to be transferred and enable very uniform and precise movements of the machine.

Low servicing costs: Permanent fine filtration of the oil in the by-pass filtration system improves oil between oil changes.

Increased choice: A large selection of screw sizes, materials, and geometries depending on the application. Special engineering materials ensure optimal material quality and processing life.

Easy access for maintenance Injection unit can be swivelled out to the operator side which offers easy access for maintenance and screw changing.

Energy-saving drive system Compact hydraulic system, aimed at saving energy to the maximum, consists of a dynamic fixed pump provide pressure and flow according to the absolute need. It also allows the parallel movements.


Haitian standard color
Optimized machine configuration
Adjustable footpad
Spare parts
Professional machine tools
Autoloader & hopper-dryer


Clamping unit

Balanced traverse cylinder symetrically located for motion of movable platen.
hydraulic electrical safety gate interlock
Low pressure mold protection
Multi stage control of pressure, speed and position of mold open/close/ejection motions
Variable mode of ejector movement
Wear-resistant track of moveable platen
2 pairs of hydraulic core pull for 12000kN to 14000kN, 3 pairs for 16000kN to 28000kN, 4 pairs for 33000kN to GOOOOkN
Automatic central lubrication
Auto-adjusted movable platen support system


Injection unit

Two parallel drive cylinders for screw injection
Multi-stage profile of injection speed,pressure and Position
Multi-stage profile of holding pressure.time and speed
Multi-stage profile of charging speed, time and position
Controlled transfer position of injection to holding pressure
Monitored starting /ending position of injection
Controlled injection process by stoke sensor
Suck back function before/after plasticizing
Efficient plasticizing with high torque motor
Free selection of variable screw sizes depending on application
Cold start protection prevents screw movement before completely heating up
Nozzle protecting cover



Dynamic hydraulic system for fast mold open
Qualified hydraulic components from globally recognized suppliers
Oil tank with level control
Oil temperature alarm
By-pass oil filter