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Haitian Saturn Series in Details

The Haitian Saturn Series uses the latest control technology from KEBA. This high-performance control system provides the ideal communication between the injection molding machine and the operator. The uniform operating concept and logical, clear structure of the functions make machine operation easy and user-oriented.


» Haitian standard color
» Optimized machine housing
» Adjustable footpad
» Standard hopper
» Extended nozzle
» Spare parts
» Professional machine tools

Clamping unit

» 5-point double toggle system
» Mechanical, electrical safety gate interlock
» Low pressure mold protection
» Multi stage control of pressure, speed and position of mold open/close
» Variable mode of ejector movement
» Wear-resistant track of moveable platen
» Cooling water manifold for mold cooling
» 1 pair of hydraulic core puller
2 pairs for 5,300 kl\ to 14,000 kN
3 pairs for 16,000 kN to 28,000 kN
4 pairs for 33,000 kN to 40,000 kN
» Automatic safety sliding door on the operating
side (above 10,000 kN) » Automatic central lubrication
» Fast mold clamping with differential device
» Braking device for mold protection
» Automatic mold height adjustment
» Chrome plated tie bar
» Controlled mold opening and clamping by stroke sensor
» Controlled ejector by stroke sensor
» Robot interface

Haitian Saturn in Detail

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Injection unit

» Two drive cylinder for the stroke of injection unit
» Two drive cylinder for screw injection
» Multi-stage installation of injection speed, pressure and position
» Multi-stage installation of holding pressure, time and speed
» Multi-stage installation of charging speed, time and position
» Adjusted back pressure during charging
» Automatic barrel heating function
» Screw speed inspection
» Controlled transfer position of injection to holding pressure
» Monitored ending position of injection
» Controlled injection process by stoke sensor
» Prevented screw movement before full plasticizing
» Nozzle protecting cover
» Anti-slid barrel aluminum cover
» Three retraction modes of injection unit
» Self purging function
» Efficient plasticizing device with strong torque motor
» Mechanical supporting device for barrel (above5,300 kN)
» Free selection of variable screw sizes depending on application
» Injection unit can be swivelled out to operator side (above 7,000 kN)
» Controlled temperature of barrel by PID
» Ceramic heater bands (above 2,800 kN)
» Cooling device at the feeding throat
» Nozzle alignment adjusting device


» Efficient and sound reduced hydraulic pump
» Stable and powerful fixed hydraulic pump
» By-pass oil filter
» Oil tank with level control
» Oil temperature alarm
» Oil pre-heated function
» Alarm in case of filter clogged
» Core pull function parallel to mold opening/closing (16,000 kN-24,OOOkN)

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